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What Does Bandhu Mean?

Bandhu is a Sanskrit word that means “kinship,” “relation,” “association,” “friend” or “respect.” In the context of Hindu and yoga philosophy, bandhu refers to the concept that everything is connected to a Source — a higher Reality, the higher Self or God. All aspects of life on Earth originate from this Source and are interrelated due to their mutual connection to this sacred and universal Source.

The term originated in early Vedic texts, where it described similarities between the elements of ritual sacrifice and the universe.


Yogapedia Explains Bandhu

In the sacred Hindu legal texts known as the Dharmasastras, bandhu described a person related to a deceased relative through female relatives, and this relationship affected the line of succession and inheritance.

In Kundalini yoga, bandhu dya kriya is a practice that is designed to develop kindness. Dya is the Sanskrit word for “kindness” and kriya means "completed action." In a comfortable seated position, the hands are held in front of the heart with the lower outer portion of each palm pressed together and the tips of the little fingers and the tips of the middle fingers touching. The yogi takes eight short inhalations through the nose, followed by a single exhalation as a whistling sound through puckered lips.

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