Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Antaryami Mean?

Antaryami is a Sanskrit term that means “inner witness” or “the one who controls from within.” It can refer to the Higher Self or the power of God residing within the individual soul. The word is derived from the Sanskrit, antar, meaning “internal,” “within” or “inward”; and ayami, meaning “restrained.”

Antaryami is also sometimes used to refer to God existing within all creation. This aspect of God is also called the Supersoul and the Paramatman (Universal or Eternal Soul).


Yogapedia Explains Antaryami

In some traditions of Hinduism, the Supreme Being is described as existing as three main aspects, one of which is Antaryami, residing within or God within the heart. The other aspects are Brahman, who exists everywhere, and Bhagavan (the Supreme Person), who lives in the beyond, or spiritual world.

As Antaryami, God serves as an inner witness to the things that one does based on the influence of the gunas (qualities of life) and karma. Antaryami can be perceived through meditation and other yogic practices such as pranayama and the chanting of mantras.

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