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What Does Brahmacharyasana Mean?

Brahmacharyasana is the name given to two different seated yoga asanas, both of which are associated with the conservation of sexual energy. They are:

The yogi has the legs extended as in dandasana, requiring him/her to lift their weight off the ground.


In the second version, the yogi adopts a kneeling posture with him/her sitting between the feet and their thighs in internal rotation.


Both brahmacharyasana postures are believed to sublimate sexual potential energy into a more subtle energy, which can help achieve higher levels of consciousness. Their name comes from the Sanskrit brahmacharya, which means “restraint,” or “control over the senses,” and is particularly associated with sexual desire; and asana, which means "posture" or "seat.”

In English, brahmacharyasana is known as the celibate’s pose.


Yogapedia Explains Brahmacharyasana

Traditionally, the effects of brahmacharyasana are different according to which version of the pose the yogi adopts:

  1. In the variation with legs extended, brahmacharyasana is said to change the sexual potential energy into ojas, a subtle energy which improves the well-being of the physical and mental body.
  2. In the kneeling variation of brahmacharyasana, it is said that the sexual potential energy is conducted up through shivani nadi, an energy channel that starts at the perineum and goes up through the body. Focusing on the ascension of energy through shivani nadi from the genitals to the head is believed to increase mental power. This can be made more potent by visualizing stimulating the ajna chakra, and doing this is said to expand the conscience and boost spiritual lucidity.

In Tantra yoga, brahmacharyasana is recommended as a therapeutic pose for increasing virility, elevating sexual experiences and giving the practitioner greater sexual control.

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