Squatting Birth Pose

Definition - What does Squatting Birth Pose mean?

Squatting birth pose is a beginner wide-stanced squat that is a traditional, natural position for late labor and birth. In yoga practice, this pose is a hip and groin opener.

To practice the pose, the feet are stepped shoulder-width apart, then the hips drop into a deep squat with the knees wide. The hands are placed in prayer position with the elbows out to the sides.

This pose is sometimes known by the Sanskrit names Kali asana and malasana, although those names also refer to other squatting postures.

Yogapedia explains Squatting Birth Pose

In addition to opening the hips and groin, squatting birth pose offers the following benefits:

  • Stretches the lower back and sacrum
  • Stimulates the digestive organs and boosts metabolism
  • Tones the abdominal muscles
  • Stretches and strengthens the leg muscles and glutes

Squatting birth pose is believed to be ideal for delivering a baby because the position of the birth canal allows the mother to push downward without wasted energy, and the force of gravity assists in the process.

As a modification for those who have trouble keeping the heels on the ground, a rolled blanket or foam blocks may be placed under the heels.

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