Meditation Journal

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Meditation Journal Mean?

A meditation journal is a log or record of someone’s personal meditation practice. The exact nature of the journal is a matter of individual preference, but often a meditation journal will be written in daily.

Meditation journals are a place to track one’s experience of meditating. They may be helpful for spotting patterns in a meditation practice which the yogi encounters. If there are any challenges with meditation, a journal may be a way to reflect and process difficulties.

One may often begin a meditation journal when embarking on a program of meditation – for example, a meditation challenge – or when taking a course in meditation.


Yogapedia Explains Meditation Journal

Keeping a meditation journal is said to benefit and deepen the existing benefits of a meditation practice in a number of ways. It can boost motivation to meditate, to know that one’s daily efforts are being tracked and recorded. It can enhance insights into one’s own mind and world by providing a space to reflect and explore.

Looking back on a meditation journal kept over a significant period of time may help the yogi spot patterns, and potentially find ways to overcome challenges that are experienced during meditation. Creating a journal provides a record of one’s journey with meditation, and may prove to be a valuable log of one’s mental, emotional or spiritual transformation.

For some, a meditation journal will be little more than a sentence or two, written down quickly, at the end of a meditation practice. For others, it could be a more lengthy document, exploring and analyzing the nuances of each meditation session. It may be a private and personal record, or even something which one chooses to share with a group or online.

A meditation journal may include details and notes of the type of meditation practiced, the length of practice, the location and any observations or experiences that occurred during meditation. It may also track one’s mental state, happiness, or levels of any other emotional experience.

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