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What Does Divya Mean?

Divya is the Sanksrit term for "divine," "fate" or "fortune." Divya is also a popular first name for girls, especially in India and among those who practice Hinduism.

Within yoga philosophy, divya often refers to divine insight, or divya-drishti. Divya-drishti, once attained, helps yogis communicate and connect with the Divine and can permit a yogi to see into the future as well as the past.


Yogapedia Explains Divya

In a spiritual practice of yoga, individuals seek to connect with the Divine, which can be defined in a variety of ways. Some yogis choose to reflect on or worship a deity, while others believe in a higher collective (or cosmic) Consciousness that can be sought from within. Through divya-drishti, yogis are empowered to have the eyesight of the Divine, however defined, and are able to peer into the future and the past by divine grace. In a sense, divya-drishti allows the yogi to see his/her fate or destiny of the universe as a whole.

In the context of physical yoga practice, Divya yoga is the name given to a system that combines traditional Hatha yoga and modern Hellerwork techniques. This type of yoga was created by Divya Aanand (Daryl Vansier) and has been recognized by the Yoga Alliance. It is carried out in a number of studios as well as at spiritual retreats. Divya yoga is divided into four sections, with each focusing on a specific part of the body or other aspect of achieving the spiritual and physical advances offered by yoga.

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