Handstand Split

Definition - What does Handstand Split mean?

A handstand split, which is a forward split leg variation of handstand, is an advanced pose combining both a handstand and split to offer a stimulating inversion that opens the hips and strengthens the entire body.

To practice a handstand split, begin in handstand pose. Then split each leg in the opposite direction with each foot traveling toward the ground. Repeat with the legs reversed. This pose can also be practiced against a wall or with a spotter for extra safety until it becomes familiar enough to do on its own.

In Sanskrit, this pose is known as Hanumanasana in adho mukha vrksasana, which literally translates as “monkey pose in downward-facing tree pose.”

Handstand Split

Yogapedia explains Handstand Split

It is important to master both the handstand pose and forward split pose before attempting to combine the two. Handstands can be a fun addition to any practice, but they do require repetition and a keen awareness of the body.

The handstand split is one of many leg variations in the handstand and forearm stand poses. It has many physical benefits along with the other inversions that help with circulation of the blood, reinvigorating the nervous system and toning the muscular systems. This pose is especially beneficial in strengthening arm, shoulder and leg muscles; opening up the spine; stretching the hips/pelvis, which alleviates tightness; calming the mind; and alleviating stress and depression. Finally, it also helps energize the mind as it demands complete precision and concentration with full present control of the body.

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