Chair with Prayer Hands

Definition - What does Chair with Prayer Hands mean?
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Chair with prayer hands is a powerful standing yoga posture that strengthens the core and lower body. In this pose, the palms touch in front of the heart center in prayer position, while the knees bend as if sitting on an imaginary chair. The difference between this variation of chair and the standard chair pose is the arm position. In chair pose, the arms extend upward alongside the ears.

Chair pose is also known as powerful pose, fierce pose or, in Bikram yoga, awkward pose. The Sanskrit name for chair pose is utkatasana.

Yogapedia explains Chair with Prayer Hands

Beginners might feel more comfortable in half chair pose with prayer hands. In this posture, the squat is only half as deep as chair pose. Another variation is called revolved half chair (parivrtta ardha utkatasana), in which the yogi's hands are in prayer position and the upper body twists to the side.

Some of the benefits of chair with prayer hands include:

  • Tones the muscles around the ankles, hips and knees
  • Energizes the whole body
  • Promotes creativity and mental strength
  • Stretches of the Achilles tendons
  • Stimulates the circulatory system, diaphragm and abdominal organs
  • Strengthens the lower back and spine

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