Last Updated: July 26, 2017

Definition - What does Diti mean?

Diti is a Sanskrit word meaning "brightness," "glow," "glory" or "splendor."

Diti is also the name of an earth goddess in the Hindu religion. She is the mother of the Maruts (storm deities) and the Daityas (a race of giants), as well as to a number of other children.

Yogapedia explains Diti

Diti’s children were killed by the king of the Hindu gods, Indra, so she decided to give birth to a son who was more powerful than him. To do this, she used magic and became pregnant for a full year. When Indra discovered this he used a thunderbolt to break the fetus into numerous pieces, which is how the Maruts were born.

The goddess' other famous sons include Jaya and Vijaya, who broke the ethics of dharma. Other notable sons are Aswa, Sivi, Sarabha and Aswapati.

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