Definition - What does Daitya mean?

In Hindu mythology, Daitya describes a member of a clan or race of giants, who were the half-brothers of the Devas (benevolent divine beings). The Daityas, who fought the Devas because they were jealous, are sometimes described as demons or giant evil spirits. The ancient Hindu legal text Manusmriti, on the other hand, describes the Daityas as basically good, but puts them at a level lower than the Devas.

The Daityas are descendants of the earth goddess Diti and the revered Vedic sage Kasyapa.

Yogapedia explains Daitya

Hindu scriptures and mythology contain varying stories about the Daityas. In the Vishnu Purana, the Daityas were called asuras (divine beings who are demons) because they rejected the wine goddess Varuni, but the Devas, who accepted her, were known as suras (wise, benevolent divine beings).

According to another story, during the first era, the Daityas defeated the gods. The gods then consulted with Brahma, who sent them to the sage Rishi where they obtained a vahra (a club-like weapon). With this weapon, they defeated the Daityas, then Indra sent them to patala loka, or the lowest realm (underworld).

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