Flying Lizard Pose

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Flying Lizard Pose Mean?

Flying lizard pose is an advanced version of lizard pose as both legs are lifted off the floor.

From downward-facing dog pose, place the right foot forward by the inner side of the right palm. Move the right palm to the outer side of the right foot by sliding the hand behind the right leg. While lengthening the spine, stretch the left leg straight back and lift it up and off the floor. To lift the left leg higher, move the chest and head closer to the ground. Lift the right foot and leg off the floor, pointing the toes backward. Repeat on the opposite side.

Flying lizard pose, as a variation of lizard pose, is also called utthan pristhasana in Sanskrit.

Flying Lizard Pose


Yogapedia Explains Flying Lizard Pose

Flying lizard pose is an excellent arm-balancing asana that strengthens the upper body while toning the core and stretching the hips and legs. Beginners can start with the easier variation of lizard pose.

Flying lizard pose energizes the body, relieves stress, calms the mind, promotes mind-body awareness and increases self-confidence.

Those with injuries in the wrists and shoulders should avoid practicing this asana. It is also not recommended for individuals with chronic back conditions.

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