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What Does Amba Mean?

Amba is a Sanskrit word meaning “mother.” It is also one of the more popular names of the Hindu goddess Druga, particularly in western India. As Druga, she is frequently referred to as Amba Bhavani and represents shakti, the feminine divine energy.

In the “Mahabharata,” the epic Hindu poem, Amba is the eldest of three daughters of the king of Kashi. All three were abducted by Kuru prince Bhishma, who learns of Amba’s desire to marry King Salva and frees her, but Salva rejects her. She blames Bhishma and vows revenge. She reincarnates as Shikhandi, who engages Bhishma in a battle that eventually leads to his death.


Yogapedia Explains Amba

As a goddess, Amba is also known as Arasuri, Mata Ambika and Ma Ambaji. The temple Amba Mata in Junagadh, Gujarat, India is dedicated to the goddess. It attracts newly married couples seeking blessings on their union.

Amba Yoga is the trademark name of a form of yoga based on traditional Hatha yoga. It was founded in California by Meghan Mahealani Morris specifically for women. This form of yoga is designed to promote health and well-being through aligning the body, promoting freedom of movement and sparking a love of life.

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