Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Sparsa Mean?

Sparsa is a Sanskrit word meaning “touch” and referring to the touching of material objects. As a Buddhist concept, sparsa means “sense impression” and defines the abilities used to sense objects in the physical world. This concept of sense impression brings together three sub-concepts: the object, the sense of the object and the consciousness of the ability to sense said object.


Yogapedia Explains Sparsa

Sparsa provides a framework for understanding and comprehending how we experience sensory feeling in the material world. When an object is sensed, the senses are activated to become aware of the object and the consciousness expands to sense the object.

Sparsa occurs when all three sub-concepts of sparsa also occur. For example, let’s say there exists an object, the eye visually sees said object and then the consciousness senses the object. However, sparsa is not limited to one sense; it can be experienced through sight, taste, touch, smell or hearing.

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