Definition - What does Raaga mean?

Raaga, also known as raga, is a term meaning "desire," "attraction," "passion" and "attachment." In Buddhism, it is one of the three poisons which cause suffering and, in yoga, it is one of the five kleshas, or obstacles, on the path to spiritual liberation. In Kashmir Shaivism, raaga is one of the 36 principles of reality, called tattvas. It is one of the pure-impure tattvas, referring to the limitations of the soul.

Raaga is also the name of a melodic mode of Indian classical music.

Yogapedia explains Raaga

In yoga, raaga is the cause of chasing desires, material objects, skills or states of mind. The opposite of raaga is dvesha (aversion), and it is said that if there is raaga, there is dvesha. The two represent the state of mind bound to the cycle of birth and death.

Patanjali mentions raaga in his Yoga Sutras as one of the main kleshas causing pain and misery. Yoga teaches even-mindedness and non-attachment, which can be achieved through acceptance. The mind should seek to stop wandering from raaga to dvesha and, thereby, reach balance and liberation.

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