Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Anugraha Mean?

Anugraha is Sanskrit for the divine grace of God. Anugraha is an all encompassing divine grace from the higher consciousness that transforms the yogi as they realize and experience the nature of universal divine grace.

While anugraha can be realized incrementally, it is fully experienced when a yogi, through spiritual practice reaches enlightenment and escapes samsara. An enlightened yogi is able to fully realize the divine grace of God and the supreme knowledge.


Yogapedia Explains Anugraha

The divine grace of God is present in all forms and in all matter; however, one’s ability to experience and realize the divine grace is limited by conventional reality. When a yogi breaks free from conventional reality and becomes enlightened, they attain anugraha fully and completely. An enlightened yogi not only realizes and experiences anugraha, they also become one with the divine grace and the nature of God.

Yogis must apply themselves to spiritual and/or physical practices that still the mind and allow them to connect to a higher consciousness in order to attain anugraha. A yogi who experiences anugraha has transcended the self and surrendered to God’s divine grace.

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