Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does BackMitra Mean?

The BackMitra (mitra being a Sanskrit word meaning “friend”) is a yoga friendly tool used to make yoga sessions more productive. The tool not only improves posture but also strengthens the back. BackMitra increases flexibility levels and, with easy-to-use techniques, produces amazing results. BackMitra is also called BackMitra Magic.


Yogapedia Explains BackMitra

BackMitra supports beginners and helps them enjoy a relaxed yoga session. It supports areas of the spine where there is excessive curvature. The tool changes the misaligned spine, relaxes the muscles and promotes blood flow.

BackMitra supports the spinal column and improves alignment, relieves stiffness in the shoulders, cures and prevents pain in the neck, back, hip and shoulders, reduces the risk of injury, promotes flexibility of the back and promotes blood flow in the neck and shoulders.

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BackMitra Magic

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