Bhuvah Loka

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Bhuvah Loka Mean?

In Hindu cosmology, there are seven lokas, or distinct universe sectors, with the bhuvah loka as third on the list and representing the subtle universe. The bhuvah loka is significant as it connects the realism of a higher power (or God) with the nature of worship needed to find it (or Him). With each loka, another world is discovered until the highest plane is reached.


Yogapedia Explains Bhuvah Loka

The bhuvah loka has different definitions depending on the context where it is used. One meaning includes that it is known as a destroyer of sufferings and this meaning is seen when used with the Vedic translations or in prayers to the sun gods. In the vyahruti part of the Gayatri mantra, bhuvah loka represents the astral or sky plane in the universal realm as a distinct world, or plane, of consciousness. Within the levels of universal existence and the material body, bhuvah means “all power” or “the sustainer of all beings.”

The importance of the seven lokas in yoga practice appears when one meditates upon or worships higher beings, such as the Hindu gods. As each loka represents a plane of ultimate consciousness, praying to one or several of them can offer one’s mind and body to servitude of a higher power.

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