Definition - What does Prithvi mean?

Prithvi is a Sanskrit word which means "earth." The "Rig Veda" refers to the Hindu goddess of Earth as Prithvi, who is a representation of feminine energy. The goddess of Earth is also a personification of earth itself. Other names for Prithvi are Lakshmi and Bhuma Devi. According to the "Rig Veda," Prithvi is the consort of the god of the sky, Dyaus.

Prithvi is one of the five elements of the universe, or the pancha mahabhuta.

Yogapedia explains Prithvi

In addition to prithvi, the remaining four of the pancha mahabhuta include jal (water), agni (fire), vayu (air) and ether (space). According to ancient scriptures, the five elements are the foundation of the universe. The five elements are present in human beings as well. Balancing the five elements helps in the maintenance of physical and mental health. Ancient medical practices, such as acupuncture and Ayurveda, base their treatment on balancing the five elements.

Prithvi mudra is one of the yoga mudras, or hand gestures, that balances the earth element in the body. Prithvi mudra strengthens the body, relieves fatigue, promotes endurance, boosts self-confidence and increases one's tolerance level.

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