Last Updated: July 22, 2017

Definition - What does Arta mean?

Arta is one of the four aims of Purusartha, the Indian philosophy of life. Translated to English, arta means “goal" or "purpose"; however, as a philosophical concept, arta has a deeper meaning. The concept of arta is the goal of a yogi to engage in a life that has purpose, specifically as it pertains to making a living.

Yogapedia explains Arta

Connected to the three other aims of life, dharma, meaning “moral life,” moksha, meaning “self-realization" and kama, meaning ”emotional fulfillment," arta assist the yogi to engage in a purpose-driven life in the material world.

Without the means to engage in spiritual meditation, study and practice, a yogi will not be able to achieve the three other aims. While the purpose of yoga is to enlighten our minds to transcend the material world, while a yogi is here, they must be engaged and productive in how they approach and live their lives. Arta brings purpose and abundance in the form of wealth to a yogi.

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