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What Does Kailas Mean?

Kailas is a Sanskrit word, meaning “crystal.” Used to describe the limitless peace and bliss inside a yogi, attaining kailas is one of the goals of a yoga and meditation practice. Every yogi contains this limitless peace and bliss; life in the material world has clouded knowledge and realization of this truth. Through the practice of meditation, a yogi is able to experience their true nature and experience kailas.


Yogapedia Explains Kailas

Derived from the Sanskrit word, kailash, kailas refers to the ability of the yogi to develop crystalline clarity of their true nature. The word is also the name of one of the homes of the Lord Shiva in the Gangdise Mountains, Mount Kailash, in Hindu mythology.

Meditation allows for the clouded veil of ignorance to be removed and for true knowledge to be realized. Appropriately named kailas, the experience of the bliss and peace that is inside brings about a crystalline knowledge for the yogi. As a yogi begins a practice, they begin to realize their true nature and the true nature of all beings. It is only through meditation that a yogi can still the mind to transcend the ignorance and suffering of the material world. Once this is done, the yogi experiences their inner bliss and peace.

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