Christian Contemplation

Last Updated: April 2, 2018

Definition - What does Christian Contemplation mean?

Christian contemplation is a form of Christian worship that differs slightly from meditation and prayer, although some Christian schools of thought consider Christian meditation, prayer and contemplation the same action.

In Christian contemplation, an individual silences their mind and heart in order to deeply listen - being fully present with God and God being fully present with that individual. For Christians who participate in yoga, Christian contemplation may be a practice to add to their spiritual expression.

Yogapedia explains Christian Contemplation

The goal of Christian contemplation is to simply be with God at rest, to be in the presence of God – “sitting with the Lord” as some Christians call it – and enjoying the love of Christ. Christian contemplation has been described as a similar act to a parent lovingly looking on to his/her newborn child, or a young child enjoying a parent or loved one’s embrace.

Although some schools of Christian thought define Christian contemplation as a practice of meditating on Biblical texts, specific scriptures, or revelations about God in order to gain a deeper understanding of His love, the term is most often used to describe when a Christian spiritually rests in the presence of God with no objective other than to enjoy Him.

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