Spinal Stretch

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Spinal Stretch Mean?

The spinal stretch posture is a simple stretching asana that can alleviate back pain, improve circulation, lengthen muscles and decrease tension.

This is viewed as an ideal asana for new yogis, as well as being suitable as an early morning stretch to get the day started positively and full of energy.


Yogapedia Explains Spinal Stretch

The basic position for a spinal stretch is to sit cross-legged with the sitting bones pressed into the floor and the spine lengthened. The yogi then stretches up, with the crown of the head rising and reaching to the sky.

The right hand rests on the left knee while the yogi inhales, continuing to lengthen the spine. On the exhale, the yogi twists to the left to achieve the final position. The pose is then reversed so that the twist is made to the right.

An alternative spinal stretch involves starting off in the same seated position and then putting the right hand down on the floor while pushing the left arm up over the head. The yogi then inhales and reaches out to the right. After breathing deeply, the sides are switched so that the next stretch is out to the left.

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Spinal Stretch Pose

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