Easy Pose

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Easy Pose Mean?

Easy pose is a basic seated yoga asana with the purpose to provide a comfortable seated posture that is easy to maintain for extended periods of time spent sitting in meditation, pranayama or chanting.

In this pose, the yogi is seated on a yoga mat with the legs crossed. The crown of the head reaches toward the sky and the spine stretches upward. The hands are in anjali mudra in front of the heart center, or resting on the thighs.

Easy pose is also known as sukhasana in Sanskrit.

Easy Pose


Yogapedia Explains Easy Pose

Easy pose is a great hip opener and spinal stretch. It supports a sense of inner tranquility and is a powerful way to relieve mental and physical fatigue.

Despite it’s name, easy pose can be a challenging asana for yogis with tight hips and hamstrings. There are many ways to modify the pose to make it more or less challenging. For example, one can stretch the arms upward, add a side twist, or lay the upper body flat out in front of the legs. To make it more accessible, one may place a yoga block or blanket under the buttocks. This will raise the hips off the ground making it easier to get in and out of this asana.

Finally, easy pose is different from lotus pose in that the feet remain tucked under the legs.

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