Standing Yoga Seal

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Standing Yoga Seal Mean?

Standing yoga seal is a simple standing forward bend that stretches the upper and lower body simultaneously.

This pose is entered from mountain pose, with the feet together or hip-width apart. The hands are interlaced behind the back, drawing the shoulder blades together, while the body hinges forward from the hips with the spine long. The hands reach up and over the head.

The Sanskrit name for standing yoga seal is dandayamana yoga mudrasana.


Yogapedia Explains Standing Yoga Seal

Standing yoga seal is often practiced at the halfway point of a yoga class, once the muscles of the body are warm and able to release into the stretch.

The hands begin together behind the back and then are lifted as the body moves forward, providing a strong stretch for the front of the chest and helping to open the shoulders. The forward fold stretches the hamstrings and the muscles of the back of the body, helping to release tension. This posture is an inversion, as the head is lowered to a level below the heart.

Those suffering from tight hamstrings, restrictions in the lower back or a tight chest and shoulders may find this pose challenging. It may be modified for lower body restrictions by stepping the feet further apart or by bending the knees. To make the posture more accessible for the upper body, a strap can be clasped between the hands, allowing them to be lifted over the back without needing them to touch.

Standing yoga seal is contraindicated for those with non-medicated high blood pressure or for those with injuries to the back, legs, neck or shoulders.

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Standing Yogic Seal

Standing Yogic Seal Pose

Standing Yoga Seal Pose

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