Gracious Pose

Last Updated: December 3, 2018

Definition - What does Gracious Pose mean?

Gracious pose is a gentle beginner-friendly asana that stretches the front thighs, opens the hips and lengthens the spine.

To enter into the pose, begin seated on a yoga mat. Bringing the toes together, sit back on the heels. Spread the knees as far away from each other as is comfortable. Lightly place the hands on the knees, palms facing down. The crown of the head reaches toward the sky, lengthening the spine and dropping the shoulders down the back. Inhale deeply, bringing the chest forward. Hold the pose for four to six deep breaths.

The Sanskrit name for this pose is bhadrasana.

Gracious Pose

Yogapedia explains Gracious Pose

Gracious pose stretches the thighs, ankles and feet. It calms the mind and is a great pose for meditation or pranayama.

For added support, a yoga blanket can be placed under the legs, between the feet and/or under the buttocks. For a deeper stretch in the chest, interlace the fingers behind the neck and pull the elbows open. After a couple of breaths, reach the arms up over the head pressing the interlaced fingers toward the sky. Alternately, roll forward and place the forehead on the mat.

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