Extended Dog Pose

Definition - What does Extended Dog Pose mean?

Extended dog pose is a beginner-friendly inversion that provides a gentle and effective stretch for the spine, shoulder, arms and upper back.

From table pose, the hands walk forward and the chest is released toward the ground with the forehead eventually resting on the ground or yoga block.

Extended dog pose is also known by its Sanskrit name, utthita svanasana.

Yogapedia explains Extended Dog Pose

Extended dog pose helps to realign the spine and is a good preparation for backbends such as camel pose. Additional benefits of extended dog pose include:

  • Relieves tension and insomnia
  • Stretches the shoulder muscles
  • Stretches and lengthens the spine

Extended dog pose can be modified by placing a yoga block between the thighs to help engage the inner thighs and protect the lower back. It can also be practiced with a yoga bolster under the chest to lessen the backbend and make the asana more restorative. In another variation, the chin is taken to the floor.

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