Sundial Pose

Definition - What does Sundial Pose mean?

Sundial pose is an advanced and challenging yoga pose, also known as the compass pose.

To enter this pose, begin seated in staff pose. Bending the right knee, grab hold of the outside of the foot with the left hand. Keeping the right shoulder on the inside of the right knee, place the right hand on the ground inside the right hip. Holding the right foot with the left hand, swing the right leg over the right shoulder. Lean slightly to the right then mindfully straighten the right leg. Gently twist the torso to the left, with the gaze past the upper left arm. Hold for three to five breaths then release. Repeat with the opposite leg. A yoga strap can be used if the foot is out of reach.

The Sanskrit name for this asana is surya yantrasana.

Yogapedia explains Sundial Pose

It is recommended to warm up before entering sundial pose by practicing any of the following: pigeon pose, king pigeon pose, boat pose, crab pose, wheel pose, cobbler pose, runner's lunge, as well as any others that open the hips, shoulders and chest.

Practicing sundial pose is a powerful hip, chest and groin opener. It stretches the spine, hamstrings and shoulders while lengthening the side body.

It may be a challenging pose for beginners as it involves significant core strength, flexibility and balance. For yogis new to this asana, mastering simpler hip openers and hamstrings stretches is recommended. It's okay to keep the lifted leg bent at first and/ or use a yoga strap to grasp the foot. For more advanced yogis who wish to deepen the pose or want a more challenging version, mindfully extend the bottom leg to the front on the mat.

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