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What Does Visvamitrasana Mean?

Visvamitrasana is a complex arm balance pose that at the same time is an incredible twist. The pose is named after the king-turned-sage, Visvamitra.

To enter the pose, begin in downward-facing dog. Bring the right foot up to the inner side of the right hand. Now bring the right hand under the right leg and place it on the floor a few inches behind the leg. Adjust both hands so that the inner side of the right knee is on the upper right hand. Slowly lift the right leg off the floor. Grasp the right foot with the left hand and lengthen the right leg, stretching it forward. Twist the torso to bring the left hand up while still holding the right foot. Hold the pose for three to five breaths then repeat on the opposite side.

Visvamitrasana is called Sage Visvamitra's pose in English.


Yogapedia Explains Visvamitrasana

Visvamitrasana is a challenging and advanced yoga asana. Before attempting the pose, it is best to master supta Visvamitrasana, Visvamitrasana II, eka pada Koundinyasana and ardha Visvamitrasana. These asanas will help prepare you for the full expression of the pose.

Visvamitrasana activates the muladhara (root) chakra. The muladhara is associated with vitality, stability, survival and staying rooted.

Additional benefits of Visvamitrasana include:

  • Promotes a feeling of groundedness
  • Improves balance and mental focus
  • Increases flexibility of both mind and body
  • Tones the back of the body and spine
  • Strengthens the arms and legs
  • Improves core strength
  • Energizes the whole body

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