Lizard Pose

Definition - What does Lizard Pose mean?

Lizard pose is a hip-opening posture with multiple variations that prepares the practitioner for more advanced asanas.

To enter this pose, the practitioner begins in downward-facing dog pose. One foot steps to the outer side of the corresponding hand. The forearms are lowered to the floor, while the back leg is fully extended. This is then repeated on the opposite side.

Lizard pose and its variations are all also referred to as utthan pristhasana in Sanskrit.

Lizard Pose

Yogapedia explains Lizard Pose

There are several variations of lizard pose, including flying lizard pose and twisted lizard pose.

The benefits of practicing lizard pose include:

  • Opens the hips and chest
  • Promotes hip flexibility
  • Stretches hamstrings
  • Strengthens the core
  • Alleviates stress
  • Strengthens inner thigh muscles
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