Utkata Konasana

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Utkata Konasana Mean?

Utkata konasana is a powerful standing yoga asana, where the lower body is in a wide-legged squat and the arms are raised at shoulder height. The name is derived from the Sanskrit, utkata, meaning "powerful" or "fierce," kona, meaning "angle," and asana meaning "pose." Thus, the name of the posture refers to the “fierce” angle of the legs, and the strength and determination built through mastering this posture.

Utkata konasana is known for its energizing and empowering effects on the mind, as the physical strength required to hold this posture also has a positive impact on the mind.

Utkata konasana is commonly referred to as goddess pose in English.

Utkata Konasana


Yogapedia Explains Utkata Konasana

Utkata konasana is an ideal posture from which to build both outer and inner strength and power. On a mental level, it is thought to increase focus and concentration. It creates heat in the body and is said to help one find balance inside and out. While it can and should be practiced by both male and female yogis, it is said to be a posture which helps one connect with their feminine energy. Over time, this may help one to develop more grace and poise.

This posture is most associated with the svadisthana chakra, the second chakra located in the lower abdomen and pelvic area. Practicing this posture may help one to connect with and balance one's sensuality, helping one experience more pleasure.

Utkata konasana is also connected with the Hindu goddess, Lakshmi, who symbolizes wealth, prosperity and fertility; therefore, the posture is said to cultivate these qualities.

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