Crocodile Pose

Definition - What does Crocodile Pose mean?

Crocodile pose is a restorative asana and relaxing pose that is popular with beginners.

To enter this pose, begin by lying face down on a yoga mat. Lengthen the legs and part the heels a couple feet apart, toes pointing outward. Slowly raise the head up and cross the arms underneath so that the forehead can rest gently on the wrists. Close the eyes and relax the entire body.

The Sanskrit name for this pose in makarasana.

Crocodile Pose

Yogapedia explains Crocodile Pose

Crocodile pose is often used to take a break between more challenging asanas, such as cobra, bow and upward-facing dog pose.

Practicing diaphragmatic breathing while in crocodile pose will increase its positive effects. This asana can help balance and activate the sacral chakra (svadisthana).

Additional benefits of this pose include:

  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Relaxes both mind and body
  • Helps clear congestion
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Releases lower back tension
  • Regulates high blood pressure
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