Half Frog Pose

Last Updated: September 1, 2017

Definition - What does Half Frog Pose mean?

Half frog pose is a challenging intermediate yoga pose that opens the groins, hips, thighs and chest.

From lying down on the belly, the forearms press into the mat and the upper body and head are lifted. One knee bends and the heel moves toward the same buttock. The same hand reaches back and grabs hold of the foot. Fingers point in the same direction as the toes, elbow faces the ceiling. The foot is pressed close to the buttock and, if possible, even toward the floor. The knees, hips and shoulders remain aligned.

Half frog pose may also be referred to by its Sanskrit name, ardha bhekasana.

Half Frog Pose

Yogapedia explains Half Frog Pose

Half frog pose stimulates the abdominal organs, strengthens the back, opens the chest and throat and stretches the ankles, thighs, groin and deep hip flexors. This pose is especially beneficial for runners, dancers or hikers as regular practice decreases the risk of knee injuries. It also improves digestion, blood flow and posture.

A more challenging version of this pose is frog pose where both knees are bent and both heels are pressed toward the buttock. Beginners might find it easier to practice this pose with a bolster or a folded blanket placed under the lower ribs as this makes it easier to lift the upper body. Because this is an intermediate posture, it is recommended to practice and master preparatory poses such as cobra pose, locust pose, bridge pose or hero pose first.

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