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What Does Camatkarasana Mean?

Camatkarasana is one of the backbend yoga poses that can be demanding on one's strength and balance. The term is derived from Sanskrit camatkara, meaning "miracle" or "surprise," and asana, meaning "pose." Camatkarasana is translated as "the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart."


  • Start in adho mukha svanasana, or downward-facing dog pose.
  • Lift the left leg and left hand off the floor and let the weight of the body shift to the right hand and the outside of the right heel.
  • The left hand is straight pointing upward as in vasisthasana, or side plank pose. Bring the left leg back to place the ball of the left foot on the floor. Bend both knees to balance.
  • Lower the left hand and stretch it backward.
  • Remain in the pose for 10 breaths.
  • Repeat the same steps in the other direction.

Camatkarasana may also be referred to as wild thing pose in English.



Yogapedia Explains Camatkarasana

Camatkarasana stimulates the anahata (heart chakra), which is associated with universal love, peace, acceptance and confidence. This chakra also aids in keeping the mind fearless.

Additional mental benefits of camatkarasana include:

  • Cures mild depression
  • Treats fatigue
  • Promotes sense of balance
  • Improves mental clarity

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