Pose Dedicated To Sage Koundinya B

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Pose Dedicated To Sage Koundinya B Mean?

Pose dedicated to Sage Koundinya B is an advanced arm balancing posture that strengthens the arms and wrists, stretches the groin and hamstrings, and improves core strength.

There are multiple ways of entering this pose, but the most common is from downward-facing dog pose (adho mukha svanasana). One leg swings forward, and the thigh is placed on the top of the corresponding arm as both arms bend into chaturanga (four-limbed staff) position. The back leg lifts up and the front leg straightens. The weight of the body is shifted forward, and the head is lifted so the gaze points forward.

Pose dedicated to Sage Koundinya B may also be known as hurdler pose, and is referred to as Koundinyasana B in Sanskrit.

Pose Dedicated to Sage Koundinya B


Yogapedia Explains Pose Dedicated To Sage Koundinya B

Pose dedicated to Sage Koundinya B improves concentration, focus and balance. It increases abdominal strength and hamstring flexibility.

This is a very challenging arm balance and part of the Third Series of Ashtanga yoga. It is recommended to practice less challenging arm balances, such as crow pose (bakasana), and master those before moving on to this posture.

Another common way to get into this pose is from lizard pose (utthan pristhasana). One arm threads under the corresponding leg so that the knee is just over the shoulder. Both arms bend into chaturanga position, with the upper arms parallel to the floor. Then both legs straighten. Advanced practitioners may try jumping back into chaturanga afterward.

This pose should be avoided by practitioners with wrist, shoulder or lower back injuries. Beginners may use a chair to support one or both legs.

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Hurdler Pose

Sage Koundinya's Pose

Pose Dedicated to Sage Koundinya II

Pose Dedicated to Sage Koundinya Two

Pose Dedicated to Sage Koundinya 2

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