Extended Puppy Pose

Definition - What does Extended Puppy Pose mean?

Extended puppy pose is a similar asana to the familiar and restful child’s pose (balasana), but provides a greater stretch to the spine.

To enter the pose, the practitioner begins with the hands and knees on the mat. The hands move forward on the mat as the glutes stretch back about halfway, where they are kept in line above the knees. The head relaxes toward the floor as the practitioner presses into the hands, sending the hips toward the feet.

Extended puppy pose is also known as uttana shishosana in Sanskrit.

Yogapedia explains Extended Puppy Pose

Extended puppy pose gets its name from its close resemblance to a stretching puppy or dog.

This asana provides a beneficial stretch to the spine and shoulders, and offers a release to the neck. It is thought to be an excellent respite for chronic stress or tension in the shoulders and upper spine. It is also believed by some to offer relief from insomnia.

Those with a knee injury should be cautious when practicing this asana.

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