Revolved Side Angle Pose

Last Updated: August 27, 2018

Definition - What does Revolved Side Angle Pose mean?

Revolved side angle pose is a standing, side-stretching yoga posture that requires balance and flexibility. It offers a wide range of physical benefits as it stretches and strengthens various parts of the body.

To enter this asana, the practitioner assumes a lunge position. The back arm rests on the lead leg or reaches to the ground. The lead arm extends overhead, creating a twist in the core.

This pose may be referred to by various other names including twisted side angle, rotated side angle, and side angle twist pose. It may also be called by its Sanskrit name, parivrtta parsvakonasana.

Revolved Side Angle Pose

Yogapedia explains Revolved Side Angle Pose

Revolved side angle pose is part of the primary series of Ashtanga yoga and a key element in other styles of yoga. It is similar to revolved triangle pose, except triangle pose is practiced with both legs straight. It is also a variation of extended side angle pose, in which the body isn't twisted.

Because of the twist in the core, revolved side angle pose is believed to stimulate the abdominal organs, thereby improving digestion. This pose is also thought to relieve low backache, sciatica, osteoporosis and breathing problems.

Revolved side angle pose may also:

  • Lengthen, straighten and strengthen the spine.
  • Tone the back, legs, hips and arms.
  • Improve balance and coordination.
  • Increase stamina.
  • Improve concentration and confidence.
  • Relieve stress.

Those with neck pain or a neck injury should avoid turning the head in this pose; instead, the gaze should be straight ahead with the side of the neck evenly extended.

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