Dolphin Pose

Definition - What does Dolphin Pose mean?

Dolphin pose is a variation of downward-facing dog pose and can be useful as an alternative to it. This pose can help calm the mind and relax the practitioner. It can even be used as a meditative pose if the body isn't straining.

To enter dolphin pose, kneel on the floor with the hands and arms positioned as they would be in downward dog. The legs are straightened, lengthening the tailbone, as in downward dog, while the forearms press down to the ground.

Dolphin pose may also be referred to as ardha pincha mayurasana in Sanskrit.

Dolphin Pose

Yogapedia explains Dolphin Pose

Dolphin pose is useful for stretching many different parts of the body at the same time. As a mild inversion, it is also considered to be a relaxing and calming posture. This is a great starting pose for those wanting to explore the meditative side of yoga for the first time.

This pose is deeply beneficial to practitioners with high blood pressure, asthma or sciatica. It is also highly recommended for women who want to relieve menstrual symptoms and is popular among pregnant women as a more practical alternative to downward dog pose.

Dolphin pose can be used as a preparatory pose for feathered peacock pose (pincha mayurasana), better known as forearm stand.

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