Baba Nam Kevalam

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Baba Nam Kevalam Mean?

Baba Nam Kevalam (Sanskrit: बाबा नाम केवलम) is a Sanskrit mantra. Baba means "beloved," nam means "name" and kevalam means "only." Therefore, the mantra may be translated as "only the name of the beloved."

The Baba Nam Kevalam mantra can also take on a meaning that love is everywhere and is the essence of everything.

Baba Nam Kevalam mantra written in English and Sanskrit inside a golden circle


Yogapedia Explains Baba Nam Kevalam

This mantra is used for practice of kirtan in Ananda Marga, a socio-spiritual organization in India that teaches Tantra yoga and meditation. In Ananda Marga, it is believed that Baba Nam Kevalam is the most effective and universal mantra because it does not mention any concrete god or goddess, but is focused on love in general, uniting different spiritual traditions. It was given by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, the spiritual master and founder of Ananda Marga.

Also in Ananda Marga, it is believed that this mantra eliminates the negative thoughts from the mind and helps to create inner peace. This helps the practitioner to solve problems as the mind becomes less complicated. To sing and dance with Baba Nam Kevalam is believed to help heal mental, spiritual and physical disorders.

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