Agami Karma

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Agami Karma Mean?

Agami karma (or kriyamana karma) is one of the three types of karma as laid out in the Vedas. This particular karma is dependent on present, in-the-moment actions and can be influenced by an individual to produce good outcomes for one’s self in the future.

In Sanskrit, the word, agami, comes from the verb agam, which means “to return,” “to arrive,” “to attain” and “impending future.”


Yogapedia Explains Agami Karma

Agami karma is described as future karma: effects that are the fruit of our current actions, decisions and virtuous works. In a spiritual practice of yoga, karma is often represented with a bow and arrow analogy. In this analogy, agami karma is represented by an arrow that is in the bow and ready for launching, and is about to be released by the archer. This indicates that, at this point, the archer has complete control over future outcomes. He/she has a choice in what arrow to release or how to release it, and this will effect future karma.

In popular culture, agami karma is often what most people think of or believe when it comes to the concept of karma: the ability to bring about positive or negative future outcomes by a current decision or action.

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Agama Karma

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