Kundalini Mudra

Last Updated: September 14, 2017

Definition - What does Kundalini Mudra mean?

Kundalini mudra is a posture of the hands that awakens sexuality and unites feminity and masculinity.

To perform this mudra, the hands form a loose fist in front of the belly, as low as possible. The left index figner is extended and it slides inside the right fist from below. The right thumb is placed on top of the left index finger, while the remaining four fingers of the right hand are wrapped around it, covering it from above.

Kundalini Mudra

Yogapedia explains Kundalini Mudra

Kundalini mudra symbolizes the combination of the individual and universal. The index finger represents an individual soul and mind, while the four fingers of the right hand wrapped around it symbolize the outside world. The thumb stands for the sacred power.

Many schools of yoga and martial arts recognize the great power of sexual force and energy and kundalini mudra awakens it.

Kundalini mudra can be practiced three times a day for 15 minutes.

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