Last Updated: April 15, 2016

Definition - What does Rasasvada mean?

Rasasvada is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as meaning "appreciation" or "perception of pleasure."

This term is used in traditional Indian philosophy in terms of the sensation or taste of bliss. This is viewed in the setting of having removed all of the thoughts that have previously blocked one's path to enlightenment.

Yogapedia explains Rasasvada

Rasasvada can be viewed as being a type of consciousness that allows one who is meditating to gain a special kind of power. In addition to the power of fully knowing one's own mind, it is also said to sometimes confer the ability to heal.

Rasasvada is an important concept for anyone interested in exploring their inner Self through yoga and meditation. By understanding the implications of this term, it is possible to appreciate the obstacles in the path to spiritual enlightenment and overcome them.

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