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What Does Mumukshu Mean?

Mumukshu is a Sanskrit term for one who is focused on attaining liberation, and a seeker of knowledge and truth. To be free from the reincarnation cycle, a mumukshu aims at attaining moksha, which means "liberation."

Yogic practices help to keep the mind calm, promote compassion for all living beings and help to perform one's duties without attachment. Regular practice of yoga will aid the practitioner to evolve as a mumukshu.


Yogapedia Explains Mumukshu

A mumukshu carries out his/her duties of life like every other living being. However, he/she remains unaffected by the outcome. By developing dispassion and detachment, a mumukshu works his/her way toward Self-realization.

Mumukshus perform all classifications of nishkama karma, which refers to selfless actions. The five categories of nishkama karma are:

  1. Worship of God
  2. Worship of parents and forefathers
  3. Worship of scriptures and sages
  4. Worship of human beings
  5. Worship of all other living beings

A mumukshu reduces performing sakama karma, which refers to actions performed for one's personal gains. Though it is not considered a sin, a mumukshu is expected to reduce performing it. Finally, mumukshus avoid performing nishiddha karma, which refers to harming others physically and mentally.

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