Siddha Guru

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Siddha Guru Mean?

Siddha guru is the name given to a spiritual master who is said to have an uninterrupted identification with their supreme Self. From Sanskrit, siddha means "one who is accomplished" and guru means "instructor" or "teacher."

A siddha guru has transcended the ego and resides in a body completely dominated by sattva. The mind of a siddha guru is said to be entirely subservient to their greater awareness.


Yogapedia Explains Siddha Guru

Siddha gurus are able to initiate their disciples into yoga. They are revered for their ability to awaken the spiritual energy of kundalini in their students through the process of shaktipat, which is the gracious act of transferring spiritual energy from one person to another.

The concept of siddha guru is particularly important in the Hindu philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism, where the siddha guru is head of the Siddha lineage. The current siddha guru is named Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, which means “the bliss of the play of consciousness.” She took monkhood in 1982 and now works to awaken seekers to their own spiritual potential through shaktipat. She teaches and writes about her guiding wisdom in order to help students on their spiritual path.

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