Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Rangoli Mean?

A rangoli is a form of Indian folk art that uses intricate or simple patterns and geometric shapes, often symbolic, to create a sacred welcoming area for Hindu deities, or simply as decoration believed to bring good luck. A rangoli is usually positioned in front of a dwelling or meeting place, but may also be located on the floor of a living room or in a public space during religious festivals, like Diwali.


Yogapedia Explains Rangoli

In Hinduism, the rangoli serves as a sacred area to welcome a deity. In the spiritual practice of yoga, rangoli art may be used to decorate areas used for yoga and meditation practice, such as a yoga studio, or at a temple as a welcoming symbol to those that enter.

Rangoli artwork is created and used during Hindu festivals or other important celebrations, like marriage, from easily accessible materials, like rice, sand, dried flowers or green plants. The geometric designs are often mirrored after nature and tie back to Hindu mythology.

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