Yoga Mudrasana

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Yoga Mudrasana Mean?

Yoga mudrasana, a deep forward bend, is one of the best anti-aging poses as it helps the practitioner to look and feel younger. From Sanskrit, yoga means “awareness”; mudra means “seal”; and asana means “pose” or “posture.”

To enter this pose, begin in padmasana (lotus pose). The hands are then brought behind the back with the fingers interlocked. Finally, the forehead is lowered to the floor without lifting the buttocks.

Yoga mudrasana may also be referred to as yogic seal pose in English.


Yogapedia Explains Yoga Mudrasana

This asana was practiced by sages in ancient times for its power to awaken the inner Self. The pose elevates one’s state of mind to a higher plane and promotes mental vitality.

Stimulating the manipura (solar plexus) chakra, which is the center of vitality and aids in energy balance, yoga mudrasana boosts energy levels and promotes overall health.

This asana also awakens the practitioner’s kundalini power, which promotes physical, mental and spiritual awareness.

Yoga mudrasana is an advanced yoga pose, so beginners may initially find it difficult to perform. Those with heart conditions, diabetes, or severe eye conditions should avoid practicing this pose.

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Seal of Awareness Pose

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