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What Does Paripurna Mean?

Paripurna is a Sanskrit word that means “complete,” “perfect,” “whole,” “fullness” and “saturated." In the context of yoga, paripurna refers to an asana that is the full expression of the pose.

In the context of Hinduism, paripurna is used to describe God, an aspect of God or the highest Self as perfection. Some Hindu followers of Vishnu as the supreme deity believe Krishna is the most complete and highest of all avatars of Vishnu and is, therefore, paripurna avatara (absolute incarnation).


Yogapedia Explains Paripurna

Paripurna is one of the five attributes of Brahman, the Absolute Reality and spiritual source of the universe. The other attributes are:

  • Sat (being)
  • Chit (consciousness)
  • Ananda (bliss)
  • Nithya (eternity)

The state of paripurna-brahmanubhava is defined as experiencing oneness with Brahman.

Among the yoga poses described as paripurna, some are:

  • Paripurna navasana (full boat pose)
  • Paripurna ustrasana (full camel pose)
  • Paripurna bhujangasana (full cobra pose)
  • Paripurna matsyendrasana (full lord of the fishes pose)

In each of these poses, the paripurna version is more intense than the basic variation.

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