Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Makarasana Mean?

Makarasana is a reclined yoga asana that relaxes the body, stimulates the sacral chakra, and can even be used for meditation or pranayama. The name comes from the Sanskrit makar, meaning "crocodile," and asana, meaning "pose."

To perform this asana, the yogi lies face down with the hands folded under the head. The palms can be placed under the chin, on the shoulders, or flat on the ground. The legs stretch out as far as possible, with the toes pointing forward. The whole body should stay relaxed.

Makarasana may also be referred to as crocodile pose in English.



Yogapedia Explains Makarasana

Though this asana's name is derived from the Sanskrit word for crocodile, the name, Makara, also refers to a mythological marine creature. Makara is associated with the astrological sign/constellation of Capricorn, and was said to be the mount for Lord Varuna, the god of winds.

Makarasana is regarded as a powerful posture for combating stress and entering into a relaxed state of mind. Makarasana can be highly useful for yoga practitioners who suffer from fatigue, high blood pressure, anxiety and other health problems.

In spiritual practice, makarasana opens the svadisthana (splee on sacral) chakra. This allows kundalini energy to flow more freely through the chakra. Because it is a prone position that involves little physical effort, makarasana is ideal for entering deep meditation or prolonged periods of pranayama.

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