Spread Feet Intense Stretch Pose A

Definition - What does Spread Feet Intense Stretch Pose A mean?
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Spread feet intense stretch pose A is the first of four positions in this wide-legged forward fold. Spread feet intense stretch pose involves four different expressions of the arms, although the base of the pose and the posture of the spine remain the same throughout the expressions of the asana.

To enter into spread feet intense stretch pose A, feet are spread wide and grounded firm, and hands are on hips. Inhale fully, exhale keeping hands on hips. Tilt the hips and pelvis forward with a flat spine. Move the head towards the floor and press the palms against the floor in between the feet with the shoulders moving up the back rather than hanging down towards the ears. In the fullest expression of this pose, the crown of the head will be able to touch the floor.

Spread feet intense stretch pose A is also known as prasarita padottanasana A in Sanskrit.

Yogapedia explains Spread Feet Intense Stretch Pose A

One of the goals of yoga is to achieve a state of balance within oneself. The spread feet intense stretch pose series encourages this by clearing the mind and strengthening the body through the movements of the lower and upper body.

This pose strengthens the spine and legs, stretching the hamstrings and groin areas. It can offer relief for mild backaches by assisting in decompressing the spine and relaxing neck muscles that have been fatigued by working at a desk or on mobile devices. This pose can also be therapeutic for individuals experiencing mild depression or anxiety, and may offer relief for those who have a headache or feel fatigued.

Those with back injuries must take caution. Beginners learning the pose may want to use a supportive prop underneath the head, such as a yoga block.

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