Marichyasana A

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Marichyasana A Mean?

Marichyasana A is an asymmetrical seated forward bend. The name comes from the fact it is named after the sage, Marichi. His name is Sanskrit meaning “ray of light.”

This pose forms part of the primary series in Ashtanga yoga, where the first four variations of Marichyasana A, B, C and D are performed in sequence.

The Western name for Marichyasana A is Marichi's pose A.

Marichyasana A


Yogapedia Explains Marichyasana A

The sage, Marichi, is a mythological Hindu figure who is the son of Brahma. He is said to be one of the seven seers, or wise lords, who heard Brahma’s words and translated them into Sanskrit. These words were the divine law of the universe, or dharma.

Like many forward bends, Marichyasana A is said to restore and rejuvenate the body as it calms the brain. It is a good pose for taking the attention and focus inwards. Stretching the spine in this way may help improve Self awareness and concentration. It can also be beneficial as a stretch for people who spend a lot of time doing seated meditation.

Marichyasana is associated with activating and balancing the svadisthana and manipura chakras.

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Mirichyasana A

Mariachyasana A


Marichyasana I

Marichyasana 1

Marichyasana One

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