Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Marjaryasana Mean?

Marjaryasana is a core asana that is one of the most fundamental poses in many schools of yoga. The name comes from the Sanskrit marjari, meaning “cat,” and asana meaning “pose.”

From a hands-and-knees tabletop position, the core muscles are pulled in toward the spine as the back rounds. The head should curl gently toward the floor.

Marjaryasana may also be referred to as cat pose in English.



Yogapedia Explains Marjaryasana

Marjaryasana is believed to reduce stress by calming the mind. In a spiritual practice, it opens the anahata (heart) chakra, stimulating self-love, loving-kindness to others and unconditional love.

Although a simple pose, marjaryasana requires precise body positioning. The knees should be directly under the hips and the hands should be directly under the shoulders. This asana is usually paired with bitilasana (cow pose), in which the belly sinks toward the ground, creating an arch in the back.

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Marjari Asana


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